Jazz Is: Now – Tomoki Sanders’ Visage – A Gengis Don Curation

Child of the late saxophone legend, Pharoah Sanders, multi-instrumentalist, producer & artist Tomoki Sanders will be performing with their band Visage. They bring a mix of vapor wave, fusion, jazz, & hip hop, combined with elements of digitally produced music.

Tomoki (they/them) was born in New York City, NY on November 13th, 1994. They started playing drums and percussions at the age of 4, and started Eb Clarinet at the age of 6. At the age of 10, their father got them an alto saxophone. Sanders switched to tenor saxophone at the age of 14.
They had their first gig at the age of 13, and had been performing around various schools, venues, and clubs around the Kanto Region area in Japan.
They had their first recording (as a sideman) with the psychedelic rock band TENGOKU BATAKE JAPON (天国畑JAPON) on their second album, “Karomi No Step” [かろみのすてっぷ].

In 2014, Sanders attended at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, studying performance and music production. Sanders studied with world-renowned musicians, such as Ralph Peterson Jr., Billy Kilson, Neal Smith, Tia Fuller, George Garzone, Frank Tiberi, Raydar Ellis, Jackie Beard, Divo Govoni, Shannon LeClaire, Dave Santoro, Ed Tomassi, Jim Odgren, etc. Sanders Graduated in 2018.
Sanders currently lives in New York City, performing alongside such as Pharoah Sanders, Kassa Overall, Ravi Coltrane, Maurice “Mobetta” Brown, Nikara Warren, Tatsuya Nakamura, Taylor McFerrin, Mark de Clive-Lowe , Raymond Mcmorrin, Tatsuya Nakamura (NEW YORK UNIT), KYOTO JAZZ SEXTET, Matthew Garrison, George Garzone, Hajime Yoshizawa, ROOT SOUL, Fumio Itabashi, TOKU, Jack DeJohnette Trio and Trap Music Orchestra, etc.

Tue, Aug 29
7:00 pm

National Jazz Museum in Harlem

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