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Alfredo Colón Quartet

Echando Los Santos is an exploration of Alfredo Colón’s Dominican heritage. Culturally rooted in his family’s migration to the United States, with all of the complexities that move entailed and continues to produce. It is inspired by the country’s rich folklore and many of the characters surrounding it.

“Te estoy echando los santos” is a phrase Colón’s mother would say with every single goodbye. It translates to “I’m casting the saints”. This was his mother’s way of sending him off with love and protection against everything that could cause him harm. This performance is not only a tribute to his immediate family but a way of sending that same love to all that surrounds him.

Alfredo Colón: Alto Sax/Compositions
Lex Korton: Keys
Steve Williams: Bass
Connor Parks: Drums
Thu, Jun 15
7:00 pm

National Jazz Museum in Harlem

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Octogenarian Women of Jazz
Wed, Jun 07
7:00 pm
Jazz & Haitian Folkloric Dance: Jean Appolon Expressions presents TRAKA
Sun, Jun 11
1:30 pm
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