EXHIBIT: Reflections – A Look at Women in Jazz

Reflections of Women in Jazz is an opportunity for storytelling through the lens of Meclina Gomes, Nolan Anderson and Kamil Peters. This is a collaborative exhibition fabricated in words, metal acrylics, paper and wood. A reflection on female jazz influences and how it has poured into our soul. Our art is an invention to explore how sound and lyrics pour and nourish generations to persevere and open up dialogue of larger themes. Jazz is to fine art an abstract landscape. A Gown a bowl a mask all represent an invitation to reflect and engage.




Meclina Gomes is a respected contemporary artist who uses microcalligraphy (micrography) as the focal point in her work.

Her paintings are woven with words for social empowerment and self-acceptance. When you engage with her art the imagery pulls you in the words jump off the canvas as a reminder of your own inner reflection and self-love. Her background is in Arts education, community programming and working in the Design community.

She has led several community-based art projects. As the Resident artist for Marriott, Meclina brings together businesses, local communities and guests to engage in art talks and live painting events. While working with Interior Designers and Ser Designers she creates oversized original works of art to drive interactive experiences. Meclina’s work is in private collections, celebrity homes. hotels like the Mayflower Hotel, Epicurean Hotel and on Production locations. Meclina resides in New Bedford, MA with her family.



Noland Anderson is an emerging artist whose work is a celebration of people of color. Born in Newport News, Virginia, he later attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, where he studied advertising and went on to work as a freelance illustrator in the South Florida television market. Now located in the Tampa, Florida area where he works as a fine artist and is currently showing in galleries throughout the Southeast, United States. Noland Anderson’s art is a celebration of people of color, painted in detail using oils applied with loose brush strokes on textured canvas surfaces, images of women and men being captured in simple everyday urban life. His exhibitions include Art Bravo Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Art Sake Hollywood, FL. Hidden Springs Art Exhibit Tampa, FL.

Noland was a Semifinalist in the Sapphire Artesian Series, Awarded Third Place in the 2017 Opus Art Exhibition and also received an Honorable mention in the Blank Art Space 2017 Color Art Contest.



Kamil Peters is a contemporary metal artist working out of Ludlow, MA, with roots in Texas and Western MA. His work encompasses a wide range of expression, from intricate mask work to large-scale commercial installations. Peters evokes glimpses of the past with a distinctly modern edge, his work lures you into his interpretations of the natural world; allowing his environment to play a key role in how his work is expressed. “Through my career as an artist, an enduring goal has been co share my knowledge, fulfilling a sense of responsibilicy to pay homage to the tradition of passing down the secrets of metal craftsmanship and sculpture. Imbuing others, particularly young people. with the principles and skills involved in the creation of contemporary metal artwork, is not only rewarding, but it provides an opportunity to lear from the creative process and instincts of individuals beginning to wors with the medium. I here are prospect for interested people to truly experience the synergy of an artistic relationship with metal and limited options for exposure to the creative economy.”


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