Thank you for joining us at The National Jazz Museum in Harlem. We are a non-profit museum, education center and venue that presents over 100 free events per year serving over 150,000 people from around the world.

The majority of our shows are done as acoustic as possible. 

We will gently mic vocalists, piano and softer acoustic instruments as needed.
If your setup requires keyboards/EWI/drum machines etc or anything with DI’s please work with our engineer to integrate them as gently as possible into the mix.

CAPACITY: 70  (25 with COVID restrictions)

PIANO: Steinway L baby grand (belonged to Dick Katz)

Sakae Trilogy Bop Kit
Trilogy Kick 18X14
Trilogy Floor 14X14
Trilogy Tom 12X08
Trilogy Snare 14X5.5
Flat Based Straight Cymbal Stand
Flat Based Tom Stand
Flat Based Hi Hat Stand
Flat Based Snare Stand
Drum Throne Round
X-Caliber Single Pedal

Bass – Epifani UL 901 and 1×12 cabinet
Guitar – Henriksen THE BUD 10

BOARD: Midas 40 channel

SNAKE: 16×4

MICROPHONES: A variety (15) of Lewitt, Shure, Sennheiser, and Telefunken condenser and dynamic mics.

DI: We have two (2) DI boxes. If you require more than two, please bring yourself.

MUSIC STANDS: Three (3) 40-inch Manhasset stands and one full height stand

MONITORS: We have one monitors reserved for vocalist only.

PTZ Optics PT 30X-SDI Camera
Two (2) ePTZ Box Camera
Blackmagic ATEM mini ISO
PTZOptics PT-Joy Controller

ARRIVAL/SETUP: Starts at 4pm for 7pm show or as contracted

SOUNDCHECK: 5:00-6:30pm for 7pm show or 2 hours prior to the scheduled show

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